And that's a wrap!

Thanks for your support on Kickstarter!

On 25th Oct we concluded our month long campaign on Kickstarter and finished with a whopping 105 supporters and a total of $48,904. We absolutely smashed our goal of $10k which just goes to show what a fantastic global community of coffee lovers you all are!

From all of us at team Newton, we thank you for your support and ongoing encouragement - we've had emails, calls, pats on the back, glowing reviews and it really means the world to us. We're a small New Zealand team and we started this venture each new to the world of coffee and product marketing, yet the Newton has been picked up by media far and wide and applauded for its simplicity, beauty and above all delicious coffee. We couldn't be prouder.

To those of you who pledged your support on Kickstarter and bought a Newton, we are now busy in production so machining and assembly is underway, and we are on track to deliver as promised by February (pre-Christmas purchasers will have deliveries in December). We can't wait for you to receive them, open your package and give them a whirl - we know, that like us that you will enjoy finding your own preference of grind and personal coffee creation.

For anyone who is thinking about giving the Newton a go but missed our Kickstarter campaign, take a look at our new online shop - you'll see a pretty fancy selection of black + white or orange + black for your choosing. Enjoy!




Newton Espresso