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Newton Affogato

If you’re looking for an excuse to indulge, please use us!

There are certain dream-like combinations that are too good not to be shared and the affogato is one of those. Meaning literally "to drown", the affogato dessert is a scoop of icecream covered with espresso coffee - hot and cold with every bite - a true sensation delight. We’re hooked on their simplicity and ability to take humble vanilla icecream to the next level.

Here in New Zealand while the rain and wind lashes in all its winteryness , we highly recommend an affogato as a little post-dinner luxury on a cold evening in. And for our Northern hemisphere friends, with the onset of long summer days, why not try an affogato as a perfect lunchtime treat.


Delicious affogato recipe

- Place one large scoop (or two) of top quality vanilla bean icecream in a serving bowl, dessert cup, or mug

- Make four Newton Espresso shots with fresh grinds

- Pour the espresso shot over the icecream, until it's 3/4 covered

- Serve immediately

NB. You can adjust the recipe to please the crowd.


+ For best results, pre-chill your glass with vanilla bean icecream, and top with a hot Newton Espresso - with fresh grinds for the best flavour.

+ Or if you want to add a twist, check out Jamie Oliver’s ideas here for adding a little crunch to the dessert (did someone say roasted almonds and biscotti?!). 



P.S Send us your favourite affogato shots made with your Newton, and we'll feature the best of these!