The team behind Newton Espresso


Hello there!

Now that we have reached our first major milestone shipping off our first Newton production run (hurrah!), we thought we'd share a bit about us -  after all, no venture like this can be successfully done alone, so the Newton Team was formed to allow each person to specialise in their unique skill to make Newton Espresso the best it can be! 

It all started with Hayden Maunsell, a designer from Hawke's Bay who wanted an espresso press that was simple, clean and functional.  Hayden’s background in design was the perfect catalyst for getting this thing going.  His earlier designs included lamps, speakers, candle holders etc and all played a part in the fine design that makes up the Newton.  Merging fine design and precise function is no easy feat but he knew he could rely on someone close by to make that happen.  

Enter Alan Neilson, tool maker by trade and a lifetime of craftsmanship under his belt.  There is no problem that Alan can't fix and when one option is not working a better solution comes from his mind in no time at all.  With a history of lawnmower design for Morrisons, a stint repairing antiques and many years of wood turning Alan brings skills to the team that are invaluable! 

Through the prototype stages they worked together fine tuning the design to make sure it not only looked great but also carried the technical requirements to make great espresso.  Bar pressure was measured to ensure it reached 9bar. Heat tests were made to make sure it would hold temperature during extraction and then once they had it all figured it out they needed to get it out to the world.  

Alan’s son and daughter in law were the next to come onboard.  Josh and Steph are a husband and wife photography team who just happen to have a photo studio under their house.  A prototype Newton was sent over to them in the Bay of Plenty and the images began to flow in. Stop motion films, instructional films and kitchen shoots were made to show the beauty of the Newton for all to see.  The idea was formed to launch on Kickstarter and these two headed up that campaign.  When they are not working on the Newton they are out shooting weddings, extreme sports and anything that makes a great picture.  

With design, production and marketing covered the team was in need of a business and design manager.  Welcome Tara.  Tara and Hayden had worked together on design projects before and it was an obvious choice to get Tara onboard.  Sales, web content and brand consistency are all topics that Tara excels in and keeps in order for Newton Espresso.  When you see an image of the Newton in a magazine or on a poster at a coffee festival, Tara has been behind this.  When you get delivered your Newton and it's all packaged nicely with instructions etc, we can thank Tara for that.   

Like the old saying goes “Team work makes the dream work” and this could not be more true for us at Newton Espresso.  From the humble beginnings on some paper in Hayden's office through to an international shipping plan for our first run we are so happy to be able to work together to make this happen! Thanks to everyone who has made this such an enjoyable process.  

Cheers, Josh, Steph, Hayden, Alan and Tara