The secret to a great espresso


Aside from our bias that the Newton makes a great espresso, there's the knack of tamping that can make or break your cup of coffee.

Whilst there's much ado about the grind and type of beans chosen for a fine espresso, there's not as much said about the tamp, and we think this may be the secret you need to know. 

When your freshly ground coffee is flush on the top of the basket, use the Newton tamp to give it a firm push. Don't overdo it - one decent tamp is enough. The key is to keeping the same tamp pressure for each cup you make. 

So why's the tamp so important? Well along with the size of grind, it controls the rate at which the water flows through the ground coffee. And this our friends, gives the hot water time to flow evenly over the coffee and extract the oils, thus providing you the most full flavour. On the flip side, if your coffee is too bitter perhaps lay off the muscles and try less pressure on the tamp.

Happy tamping!