Single use? No thanks

It is heartening to read that Boston Tea Party - one of Britain's independently-owned cafe chains is making a stand, and from 1 June this year is saying no to using disposable cups. You can read the original article here.

We all know that how we use materials in our daily life is having an increasingly dire effect on our environment, and we at Newton Espresso don't believe that getting your coffee fix needs to be adding to consumable waste, whether it be at home or out and about. 

We like the way that Boston Tea Party is Coming up with alternatives for their customers - who can bring their own reusable cups, take advantage of a new cup loan scheme or buy a cup in the cafe.

Let's hope this form of campaign will be adopted worldwide and encourage them to do so. If there's a local cafe you know about that's progressive like this - let us know - or tag them in this post, and let's all rally behind those pushing for a better future.