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Meet your new daily ritual.

We've made the Newton to enhance your joy in crafting the perfect cup of coffee.



The Newton espresso machine encourages you to explore the enjoyment of coffee making through the simple process of lever-press extraction. Its deceptively simply design has won numerous awards and is making its mark in the coffee industry for its bold extraction flavours and light environment footprint. Here's a few reasons we think you'll love it too.



Designing the Newton as non-electric makes it easy to use, portable and robust. Simply boil your hot water, add fresh coffee grinds, and the easy lever press action does the rest. And it's almost silent to use - perfect for making coffee at any hour without waking the whole house.


8 -10 Bar Pressure

The high quality seals, piston design and leverage system consistently provides you with the ability to generate high water pressure required to produce espresso coffee. You can control the pressure in a variety of ways - the force applied to the handle, the quantity of coffee used in the basket, the tamping pressure, and the coarseness of the grind. So you have complete control over the extraction process and a create a coffee you love.



Wall Mountable

We know kitchen bench space is valuable so we made the Newton wall mountable. Each machine comes with two screws which fit the carefully placed mounting holes. Not only is the Newton 100% functional when wall mounted, it can also be easily lifted down.

Durable Finish

The Newton is crafted with a powder coated stainless steel frame and anodised aluminium barrel and lever. The base, handle and tamp is American hard maple timber - finished with a bench top grade clear coat - which is easily cleaned, stain resistant and hard wearing. 



Three Colour Combinations

The Newton now comes in three colour combinations - Black and Orange; White and Black; Black and Black.


Coffee you love, every time.